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Somatone Interactive has been the World’s #1 provider of audio services and technical implementation in video games since 2003. Our dedicated staff of sound designers, composers, VO producers, and implementation experts have worked on more than a thosand game titles, across the Mobile, PC, Console, and XR platforms.

Our motto:
To raise the emotional experience of millions of gamers with the highest quality game audio in the world – delivered with speed, service and technical savvy – and to have fun doing it!

Quality – Service – Speed – Technical Savvy – Creativity – Curiosity – Fun



With more than 50 years of collective music experience, our full-time music team brings a combination of advanced music degrees, classical music training, and industry expertise to the creative process. We work with many accomplished composers, performers and instrumentalists. Our music services include recording and producing live musicians, ranging from full orchestras to ensembles and live bands.


While great SFX, immersive music and stellar VO performances make up an important part of a great-sounding project, expert implementation and mixing of these assets are vital steps to make everything sound great. Our team has provided complete implementation support on games of all kinds and sizes. With high-level expertise in Unity, fmod, Wwise, and Unreal, Somatone sound designers oversee the entire audio pipeline, from content design to implementation, mixing, and testing.

Sound design

We create customized original sound to set it apart from others in its class. Our talented sound designers have the experience and creativity to develop unique sound assets for each project, based upon upfront collaborative work with clients and ongoing project management.


Estimating the amount of assets you need for a developing game is difficult. That’s why we’ve created our own proprietary pricing system. Instead of quoting your project on a standard per asset pricing, we offer a flexible alternative that we call Audio Units (AU). AU’s are work credits that can be used for any Somatone service. Similar to how gift cards work, after purchasing an AU package, you can choose how much AU you would like to allocate for each service. This way we can to finalize the audio budget upfront and avoid any confusion or change of scope. We offer custom AU packages for any size project, can invoice in installments, and offer discounts for ordering AU in bulk.

Trailers & Cutscenes

In addition to in-game content, Somatone has a world class linear audio production team experienced in narrative music, Sound Design to picture, Foley, and 5.1 mixing. From short 30-second trailers to hours of in-game cutscene work, we provide top notch audio post production services.

Voice Production

We draw from a diverse portfolio of union and non-union talent with script-specific auditions, not pre-fab demos, to select voice actors who perfectly fit character roles. We regularly direct live VO sessions in our own recording studios and provide all-inclusive rates on talent and production—including casting, directing, recording, editing, and mastering— making voice production as affordable as possible while adhering to high quality standards.


Somatone’s technical expertise include industry standard middleware technologies, and beyond. From haptic design services and dolby audio processing, to Wwise, fMod, Unity, Unreal, we understand that content is only as good as the technology which enables it.



I’m extremely impressed with Somatone. They deliver very high-quality work in short order and have saved us time and money by reducing the number of iterations in our sound effects pipeline. To top it off, they have been fantastic collaborators, frequently offering us ideas for sonic improvements.

Larry Liberty, JamCity

Larry Liberty, JamCity

As a Social Casino developer focused on creating highly engaging slots, we believe audio to be a critically important to the casino experience. When it comes to Music and Sound Design, we hit the Jackpot with Somatone. Not only is the audio we receive consistently at a very high quality level, their Project Managers are super helpful helping us organize our needs and leading the creative process

Anton Gauffin – CEO, HUUUGE Games

Anton Gauffin – CEO, HUUUGE Games

Nick and his team at Somatone have done amazing work for us on Vainglory, and make Somatone the go-to shop for game audio.

Bo Daly – CEO, Superevil Mega Corporation

Bo Daly – CEO, Superevil Mega Corporation


Somatone VR Audio Tutorials – Unity+FMOD+Resonance Audio – Part 3 – Unity Integration

By: Dan Johnson

Introduction This is the final part of our Unity+FMOD+GVR tutorial series and we are covering the implementation into Unity.  The videos are separated into two parts, implementing ambience and implementing the gunshot interaction.…

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